ESS Bag Set- All 3 Bags!

Save over 20% and buy all 3 together! 

These bags are available in 3 colours:

Black with Grey Piping

Blue with White Piping

Pink with Black Piping

1. ESS Small Storage Bag- Designed to store one rug- although sometimes you can squeeze in 2. We designed this rug to happily fit one fleece rug but have been able to fit in variety of sizes and types of rugs. Dimensions: 50x15x35cm​

2.ESS Large Storage Bag-​ Designed to store 4 numnahs and saddles pads. We were able to fit this ​amount but this does depends on the width of your particular pads. We also love that it fits a larger turnout rug for storing it during the summer months.

​Dimensions: 70x20x55cm

3. ESS Travel Boot Bag- Designed to store a set of travel boots with room for your tail bandage too.

Dimensions: 38x20x71cm

​Three colours available with hundreds of colours of print available for you to personalise your bag.  All you have to do is choose! 

1. Choose a colour bag set!

2. Choose a vinyl colour!

3. Choose a font type!

4. Choose what you'd like it to say!

Or if you can't choose- send us an email and we'd be happy to help with inspiration. Currently we don't charge extra to add logos so the possibilities are endless. If you require a special order we would be very happy to help. Simply email your enquiry to

ESS Bag Set- All 3 Bags!

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